Token Definition


AGLA is used as a governance token within the Angola system. A total of 3 billion Ethereum-based (ERC-20) tokens will be issued.

NFT minting secures the rights of users and the creators of a given NFT such as the opening of a community and participating in it. At this time, it is paid with AGLA tokens or used for staking.

AGLA tokens can be swapped for Carrot Points at the applicable market rate (Carrot Point to AGLA).

AGLA tokens earned through NFT sales may be partially burned to maintain their value.

AGLA is used as a payment method to buy NFTs on the Marketplace.


Used as proof of rights to content and community activities.

NFT minting for photos taken by users with the Candy Plus.

Minting NFTs to secure various qualifications and rights, such as Camera NFT, Camera Box NFT, Community Open NFT, and Community Participation NFT.

NFTs that have been minted can be bought, sold, or traded using AGLA tokens.

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