Candy Box

Candy Box is an offline photo booth project expanding its business with new AI-based features and cutting-edge filters borrowed from Candy Camera. This entertaining product has gained significant traction among Millennials and Gen Z demographics.

Angola will gradually leverage the user communities of all three platforms to reinforce and deepen the Angola Ecosystem, coherently connecting itself to the real economy. Being the exclusive ecosystem partner of Candy Plus, AI Camera, and Candy Box from Angola’s early stage or rollout will provide the Angola Project with a solid go-to-market strategy with incomparable user acquisition opportunities. It also lays a solid foundation to work with other big apps and platforms boasting large user-bases going forward (Note that Angola Project is not bound to give its exclusivity to Candy Plus, AI Camera, and Candy Box). Setting this bonding ecosystem partnership structure will enable Angola to generate a product-market fit for AGLA token and facilitate constant transactions within the Angola Ecosystem. This allows users to create NFTs in the real world on daily lives, adding a solid layer of interactivity to the Angola Ecosystem.

Overall, the partnership between Candy Plus, AI Camera, and Candy Box and the Angola Project marks a substantial step towards developing a thriving NFT ecosystem, a decentralized platform for the creation and distribution of digital content, with considerable potential for further partnerships and ecosystem expansion in the future across different industries.

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