Project overview and Our Vision

Angola is an ecosystem builder and a tech enabler for all forms of digital media

The Angola Project envisions a future where the use of digital assets in all forms of digital media is widely incorporated into individuals' daily lives through the power of Web 3.0 technology. The current Web 2.0 landscape presents significant challenges related, but not limited, to intellectual property (“IP”) and copyright protection, revenue generation and distribution, privacy, counterfeits, and inadequate incentives and rewards for content creators and IP owners across all media.

The Angola Ecosystem and its proprietary Web 3.0 technology offer a decentralized solution to challenges in the current digital media landscape by providing a new powerful platform for the creation and distribution of digital media content. This platform empowers all types of digital media creators and IP owners, with a focus on photography and image creations during the early stages of Angola's rollout, to retain control over their work and assets through the use of smart contracts and blockchain technology, and receive compensation for their efforts and ownership through cryptocurrency or digital tokens.

For example, the cutting-edge "Take-to-Mint" feature, provided as a service by Angola based on its proprietary technology, enables creators and IP owners to safeguard their digital media assets by minting NFTs for their work or ownership using the Angola Token (“AGLA” or “AGLA token”) and receive fair compensation for their contributions.

The Angola Project's go-to-market strategy involves forging strong collaborations with popular, high-volume mobile platforms that have a focus on any forms of digital media and boast large user bases, and securing exclusivity rights from each of these platforms. The strategy also entails integrating the Angola Wallet into these platforms and apps, thereby providing users additional access to Angola's innovative underlying technology.

The first viable implementation is already underway, with Angola serving as the exclusive partner of the “Candy Plus” camera app, which has been downloaded by over 300 million users globally and used by 2 million users daily, now being shipped as a pre-installed default camera app for one of the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturers (Note: This whitepaper will refer to the application as “Candy Plus”; available on Android as “Candy Camera”). “AI Camera” and “Candy Box” are two other strategic partners with solid business models and large user base potentials, poised to create synergies for the Angola Ecosystem. AI Camera is a soon-to-be-released revolutionary standalone application that leverages most advanced image processing AI technology to enable instant and varied changes to digital media, while Candy Box, another standalone project rolling out in Q2 2023, is an offline physical photo booth with captivating features and syncs with its sister app Candy Plus in real-time and expected to have around 2,000 installed locations around the globe by Q4 2025. The partnerships between the Angola Project and these strong genesis ecosystem partners represent a promising step towards developing a successful Angola driven NFT ecosystem, and present numerous opportunities for future collaborations with other big players across different industries.

This integration will also leverage previously mentioned Angola's proprietary “Take-to-Mint” technology, enabling users to access a seamless NFT minting experience in real-time, as well as a thriving NFT Marketplace and community-driven content. Angola will eventually aggregate all minted NFTs to soon provide a secure NFT Marketplace for content creators to mint and trade their own NFTs, as well as transact NFTs between the ecosystem partners like Candy Plus and AI Camera, making it a reliable platform for trading and viewing all forms of digital media. This ultimate NFT marketplace will utilize custom-optimized AI technology, developed in collaboration with Angola's notable AI technology partners, to categorize content and allow users to purchase digital media directly from content creators in a peer-to-peer manner.

The Angola Ecosystem, bolstered by its proprietary Web 3.0 technology and extensive knowledge of the digital media content market, will serve as the cornerstone in building the vision that Angola has for the future. Starting from the exclusive partnership with Candy Plus, we will expand the ecosystem by collaborating with more digital media platforms and apps, while growing in tandem with them.

By engaging and integrating with both Web 2.0 and legacy companies, as well as existing Web 3.0 projects, Angola aims to drive the development of intrinsic value across different industries. This plan includes fostering new NFT businesses related to cultural content and creating fan-based subscription models with major entertainment companies, as well as creating a new NFT certification model with restaurant rating and reservation platforms, allowing users to purchase unique and certified dining experiences through NFTs. These are just a few examples of Angola's plan to leverage its partnerships and technologies to create new and innovative NFT-related businesses. Along the way, Angola will fully leverage its exclusive and powerful portfolios, such as Candy Plus, which has over 300 million global downloads, to bolster any additional new partnerships and collaborations. Angola's ecosystem will advance by creating tangible business models that are grounded in the real economy.

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