The content of this white paper is provided for informational purposes only and is not binding. The Angola Foundation shall not be liable for any loss arising from the use, reference to, or basis of the information provided in this white paper. The white paper may contain extracts from the documents of third parties and publications of other organizations. Although the information and data sources contained in this white paper are based on third party sources and the Angola Foundation has determined those sources of information to be generally reliable, no verification process has been carried out for such information extracted from the information or data from the third party; No hypotheses pertaining to such information or data have been verified. NOTHING IN THIS WHITE PAPER IS A REPRESENTATION, WARRANTY, OR GUARANTEE AS TO THE ACCURACY OR PERFORMANCE OF SPECIFIC MATTERS SPECIFIED IN THE WHITE PAPER AT ANY POINT NOW OR IN THE FUTURE, AND THE ANGOLA FOUNDATION EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES TO TAKE ANY ACTIONS OR GUARANTEE WITH SPECIFIC RESULTS WITH RESPECT TO THE MATTERS DESCRIBED IN THIS WHITE PAPER. The information provided in this white paper is for reference only and does not legally bind the Angola Foundation or any other party. A portion of this information is forward-looking in principle and may be based on specific hypotheses. All statements other than statements of historical fact contained in this white paper (business strategies and plans, estimates of revenue or performance and future operating targets) are forward-looking statements.

In addition, forward-looking statements generally include “may”, “will”, “should”, “expect”, “anticipate”, “estimate”, “intend”, or “believe” and other similar terms. This whitepaper does not make any promises about the value and/or future value of cryptocurrencies, nor does it guarantee any intrinsic value, or any particular value promises of payments to come. Participation in the token sale and purchase carries significant risks, if realized, that could have a serious negative impact on the token itself and/or its sale, and the Angola system or foundation. Participants who do not completely understand the token sale and the potential risks specified in this whitepaper and the conditions and requirements of token sale should not participate in the token sale.

No one is obligated to purchase any tokens based on the information of this white paper. In the event of a conflict or inconsistency in the Terms and Conditions between the White Paper and the Token Sale, the Terms and Conditions of the contract in the Token Sale shall be prevail, and the priority will be based on the degree of conflict or inconsistency unless otherwise specified by the Angola Foundation. This white paper and the terms and conditions of the token sale do not contain all pertinent information regarding the token sale or the risks associated with participating in the token sale.

If you are a prospective purchaser of tokens, it is solely your responsibility to review and confirm the legal requirements, risks and consequences of purchasing, and the procedure for holding and disposing of tokens before purchasing.

As the AGLA ecosystem continues to evolve and the circulation of AGLA tokens increases over time, we may explore various options that could potentially offer benefits to AGLA token holders within the ecosystem. One such option is the burning of AGLA tokens. However, any decisions related to the potential burning of AGLA tokens will be carefully evaluated and carried out in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

The Angola Foundation adopts strict KYC procedures to verify the identity of all users and collects essential user information from all holders who acquire AGLA tokens. Strictly following the KYC procedures may protect contributors and issuers from criminal actions such as money laundering activities and terrorist financing. The adopted KYC procedure is based on current market practice and all procedures are complied with the policies of the respective country. The Angola Foundation is aware of the criticality of preventing money laundering and terrorist financing, so KYC & AML procedures are complied with in full view of the laws of the respective country. The policies and procedures implemented by the issuer in this regard are based on the verification of the identity of the issuer and the identity of the acquirer based on the following sources: The identity information provided by the AGLA token acquirer will be verified with the information provided from a trusted source, and the acquirer’s signature to block transactions with a person under risk.

In cases where a company or organization does not provide the necessary information requested by the foundation and identity verification organizations, or if the identity and source are unclear, token acquisition shall not be authorized. Documents and information submitted, copies or recommendations and other appropriate records are subject to being retained by the Angola Foundation and identification agencies for a period designated by law, which may include Holders' information being kept safely in accordance with KYC laws and data protection laws, and data protection regulations in general.

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