Introduction to Angola’s Genesis Partner - Candy Plus

Candy Plus app offers:

Photo Taking

Candy Plus offers an extensive range of advanced features that enrich the photography experience. With over 200 camera filters embedded in the app, users can easily achieve a unique and personalized image-editing experience. Moreover, Candy Plus’s real-time face corrective function enables users to make effortless touch-ups to their subjects’ faces right on their smartphones, resulting in better shots every time. As a reward for every photo taken using the app, users earn off-chain (non-blockchain) Carrot Points, which are similar to mileage points. By holding Camera NFT and Camera Box NFT, users can gain additional Carrot Points, providing them with access to a wide range of advanced features within the app.

Image Editing

Candy Plus offers 30+ image-editing functions with which users can edit images as desired. For example, it is possible to adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation, clearing of skin blemishes, and extending the length of a subject’s legs within an image. The goal of these functions is to provide an optimized image editing experience. With ongoing updates to the camera functions, users will be able to stay at the leading edge with up-to-date image editing functions.

Users are rewarded with Carrot Points for using Candy Plus’ standard photo editing functions. When doing so they receive reward in the form of Carrot Point, and when they use one of a range of special editing functions these Carrot Points can be spent.


All NFT integrations to Candy Plus are provided through Angola’s proprietary technologies and its services.

NFT Minting

Candy Plus provides NFT minting by which users can mint their photos and videos with only a few clicks. To use this minting function, users are required to agree to the collection of personal information. When minting NFTs pertaining to creative content, users enter the title and description of the creation before issuing the NFT.

Also, in the event that users earn more than a certain number of 'Picks' from the NFT Gallery, their content is likely to be issued as an NFT. The minted NFT will be in the marketplace and allow for monetization.

NFT minting on the Angola's platform requires a specific number of Carrot Points, and the rate of Carrot Points being spent varies depending on whether the user has installed the Camera NFT and Camera Box NFT. Once an NFT is posted on the NFT Challenge or NFT Gallery and is selected by other qualified community users, the user will be rewarded with AGLA.

NFT Camera

Based on the type and amount of Camera NFTs the user has, the levels of Camera Stats and additional rewards will be applied.

1) Camera Stats

- Speed - Increased photo printing speed

- Rewards - Increased Carrot Point acquisition

- Battery Efficiency – Decreased battery consumption by the camera

- Luck – Increased chance of gaining higher ranked badges

- Reward+ - Increased Carrot Point earnings

- Functions - Access to more camera filters and more

2) Camera Level

The Camera level is determined by what Camera NFT the users have and ranges from 0 to 30. Different functions and additional reward schemes by level are provided. The higher the camera level, the greater the performance, functionality, and options it will provide. To level up, users are required to satisfy activity requirements; i.e. the number of photos taken and NFT issuance, etc. When the level-up requirements are met, the users are able to mint a Camera NFT based on the next level.

3) Collage

Users can collage multiple Camera NFTs in order to mint them and acquire more status. To collage Camera NFTs, a certain number of Carrot Points are spent.

4) Purchasing

On the NFT marketplace, users have the ability to purchase Camera NFTs by spending AGLA tokens via the Angola system.

5) Sales

Users can sell their Camera NFTs via the NFT Marketplace.

NFT Camera Box

1) Users can mint Camera Box NFTs with 2 different Camera NFTs of a certain level or higher.

2) Users can use different extended functions within Candy Plus based on the type of Camera Box NFT which users have and can earn additional rewards.

3) If users meet a certain level of requirements for activity, they can mint the Camera Box with their Carrot Points.

4) Users can buy or sell Camera Box NFTs within the NFT Marketplace.

Other NFTs

1) Frame NFT

Users can earn additional stats and rewards by synthesizing photo NFTs with stats alongside framed NFTs. To mint framed NFTs, users are required to meet a certain Camera level, and can use Carrot Point to be eligible for minting framed NFTs.

2) NFT badge

When minting the photos, an NFT badge will be given based upon the type and level of Camera NFT which users have. The stats of the photo NFT are determined by what type of badge is given. When this NFT is posted and chosen by other users, additional perks are earned.

3) Image collage

Users can mint collages of photos as new NFTs, and in this case, collage photo NFTs may become a higher grade.

Rewards for user activities

Users can earn Carrot Points by participating in various activities.

1) Mission completion

When users complete the weekly or monthly missions set in the system, they will be rewarded with Carrot Point. Missions are; for example, taking 5 pictures, Give 3 likes, minting 2 NFTs, and so on, and you will earn a reward if you complete these missions. Missions are set in various forms such as photo editing and collage creation when the camera function is updated.

2) Participating in challenges

When the challenge is hosted by the system, users can join and post NFTs, and rewards will be given in the form of Carrot Point. Also, if the posted NFT receives a selection from other users, it earns Carrot Point accordingly.

3) Reference

When new users join through a referral link, Carrot Point will be earned as a reward.

4) Viewing ads

When viewing the ads displayed on Candy Plus, Carrot Point will be earned as a reward.

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