NFT Community

The NFT community within the Angola system is a space where users can share and communicate with other users regarding their images taken with their respective camera application, that have been integrated with the Angola wallet, and their minted NFTs.

Users can post their favorite NFTs in the community where they are participating. Furthermore, users can join the appraisal activities in order to freely evaluate photo NFTs, potentially increasing their value. Users of the Angola Ecosystem can open communities based on topic in which solidarity between users with similar interests can be established.

Rewards for NFT Community activities

1) Community Opening -

Users who are minting or purchasing NFTs can open a community by paying a certain fee, as set by the governance via AGLA, or by staking a certain level of AGLA tokens.

2) Community Participation -

Communities are open to every user who mint or purchase NFTs. To join the community, users are required to fulfill the requirements for joining community activities. The requirements are to pay a certain fee or stake a certain number of AGLA tokens.

3) Community Activities -

Once users have participated in the community, they are expected to contribute to making the community invigorated through activities such as NFT posting, NFT evaluation (Pick), participating in challenges, and completing the community mission. In the case where they post acquires a pick or a picked post is sold, users will earn additional rewards in proportion to the number of picks and the sales revenue. Once the community opens and all users have joined, the minted NFTs for sale within the Angola marketplace.

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