One of the blockchain networks in the Angola system is the Matic mainnet of Polygon. It is a layer 2 scalable solution created in 2019 in order to address several limitations of the Ethereum blockchain such as transaction speed, throughput, and high gas fees.

It was originally designed as a scaling solution, but it has quickly evolved into a multi-purpose ecosystem and is regarded as a next-generation mainnet.

Polygon enables a communication channel between two blockchains, allowing for the sending of information packets (transaction data) from the mainnet to the parallel blockchain, executing transactions at a fraction of the cost, and thereby enabling secure network communication without affecting the Ethereum mainnet.

Polygon operates based on the PoS (Proof of Stake) consensus algorithm and is the most suitable for implementing the governance structure of the Angola system. Polygon’s PoS bridge transfers assets from Ethereum to polygons, then uses those funds and serves as a backup.

The merging of the Polygon and Angola systems is the best combination in consideration of the nature and characteristics of the project, and it is regarded as the optimized combination to establish the DeFi Pool ecosystem including staking as well as the immediate NFT solution.

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