1. Challenge participation and reward level is based on the results.

  • Counted based on the number of Picks obtained, NFT sales revenue, and participation for the challenge.

2. Rewards based on the invigoration of activities in the community following opening

  • Counted based on the number of community members, the number of registered NFTs, the number of picks obtained, and NFT sales revenue.

3. Reward based on posting and popularity of photo and video files

  • NFT Counted based on the popularity of posted NFTs, the number of picks obtained and NFT sales revenue.

4. Reward is based on the level of popularity in the NFT Marketplace.


Users are required to obtain the relevant qualifications to use certain services within the Angola system. A qualification to a specific service is obtained by minting the relevant NFT.

NFTs are minted by remitting or burning a certain number of AGLA tokens, or by locking up a certain number of AGLA tokens. Or users can purchase an already minted NFT instead of minting them.

1. NFT Minting to qualify for opening a community

  • To qualify for opening an NFT community one must minting or purchase NFTs to qualify for opening such community.

2. NFT Minting to qualify for joining an NFT community

  • Minting or purchasing NFTs to qualify for participation in the NFT community.

  • If you are qualified to participate, you will have the right to register digital content within the NFT Gallery, and you can register your creations there. The greater the number of AGLA tokens locked with the longer the lockup period, the higher number of posts users can register in the NFT Gallery, and the more opportunities there are to expose your creation. Thus the higher the chances for target exposure. When the lockup period ends or the effective period for purchased NFT expires, it returns to its initial value of the NFT when first registered.

4. NFT Minting for qualification to join a Challenge

  • Users mint or purchase NFTs to participate in specific challenges.

5. NFT Minting to open a collection

  • Users mint or purchase NFT to open their own digital content collection page. The larger the number of locked AGLA tokens, the more collection space is provided. At the end of the lockup period, the collection space returns to its initial value.

6. Usage in the NFT Marketplace

  • NFT registration fee, NFT sales commission, NFT purchase cost, and all other fees paid in the marketplace

7. Usage for Angola Ecosystem Partners

  • Users utilize AGLA tokens to mint NFTs on Angola Ecosystem partners apps and platforms.

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